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Several levels of difficulty, the possibility to play with your PC or with a real rival will not let you get bored waiting for the vacation! You are now able to enjoy our collection of eighteen various variants of this well-known arcade game on five platforms. This game is for the fans of real tetris entertainment. Even if you think you know what tetris is, we'll surprise you and this will be the right game for you!

Bubble Shooter - an all-time classic

Now you have the possibility to enjoy this ultimate collection of wonderful patiences on your Macintosh, Palm device or Pocket PC. Windows version is now available with a discount - just for The game will give you some hours of great pleasure and real entertainment. Most popular Solitaire types have been united in a single pack providing you with a tough brain-storming.

Games are designed to make you relax and enjoy your time thinking over the game.

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You may also add and create your own patiences to complete your collection. Do not forget to share your ideas with other Solitaire Studio fans! This game is based on the main principles of the games like Bubble Shooter , Pool and Arcanoid. The game strikes by its dynamism and vividness of 3D graphics. It is crafty enough, and you'll feel it, when the number of color bubbles increases from level to level and the initial combination becomes more and more complex.

But this exactly makes this game highly addictive and it'll become one of your favorite games of all! Bubble Shooter comprises everything you want to see in a game: simple rules and different modes strategy, arcade, sniper and marathon , 3D graphics that pleases your eye, perfect gameplay, agreeable music and sound. But now even more than this - you have Mobile Edition that will never let your boss caught you unaware.

We are very happy that our customers with one accord say that Bubble Shooter is their most favorite game and it is the one that makes Absolutist. This news is the result of the hard work to please our Bubble Shooter fans. ButterFlight is a picturesque and bright-colored game that combines puzzle, patience and adds some strategic elements.

You play on the glade that is filled with the multicolored butterflies. At every round you have to collect a certain number of butterflies of a particular color on the glade. It's fun, and it's free.

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This game will let you feel yourself a real heartbreaker. The board is filled with hearts of different colors. The more hearts explore, the more points you get. Your goal is to clear the board with no hearts left. Have fun! Rotate Mania is a very addictive mix, combining the elements of arcade and puzzle. Having four various game modes Strip Mania, Shift Mania and Time Mania , and different skill levels Novice, Expert and Master , it offers you an amazing trip, where you can obtain the interesting skills and become a Master of Logic.

Now you may play the game everywhere and have endless fun! There is also a small Mobile edition that allows you to play on your desktop without drawing your attention from your business, it is neat and accurate, and extremely fun. Today we have released the popular game Smiling Bubbles in three new incarnations!

We are very interested in the improvement of the quality of our games and services. That is why we invite you to take part in our players' survey. You also can be greatly interested in taking part in it, because the most frank, thoughtful and helpful answers will be noticed, and their authors will get free licences and great discounts for our games.

We are waiting for YOUR answer! Then you will be teleported to the next stage of the game. Beware of the traps and enemies and use your weapons reasonably.

It is incredible - a dozen of new absolutely free online games! Play them right now , no downloading is necessary.

Bubble Shooter 4 2.1

This release adds high-resolution graphics - x screen and colors, enhanced sound effects. Just collect brilliant butterflies that fly over a green grass country. It's a great game with mind-puzzling features, a bit of good luck, and lot of cool modes and skins! Try this game on your device now! Great news today - a new release of the Bubble Golden Pack game! We also added new music scores, beautiful graphics effects - and more.

Download the free game and try it now. New game modes, music by best composers, sound effects - everything you need to enjoy the game. Hope you'll like it! Christmas is coming, and New Year day draws near!

You are looking for a nice gift - here is one! Make a great present for your friends and family! Do not miss the chance to get at once a nice gift for your friends and a cool game for yourself! Be first to know our great news!!! The long-expected Bubble Shooter Deluxe for Windows is released! It was made especially for our bubble-fans, the dreams come true today. Try the new game mode Marathon with endless levels, save indivi- dually your game settings and running from that of your friends and family, perfect physics and 3D efeects are already waiting for you!

Bubble Shooter ™

New game's been released today - Smiling Bubbles, which will bring quite a few entertaining hours to kids and their parents! And for everyone else too, really. Have fun with funny smiling bubbles which pop up at your screen, in different colors, faces, and voices. Match then up by their appearances and win the game! Just watch those perky little things popping around the screen! Great visual and sound effects, and more than this - it now has four games packed into one!

Sync it to your Palm, and you'll enjoy all this. A great news today: Bubble Shooter 5 Family Edition has been released. A new game mode - Sniper - was added, nice music to listen while playing was included. Autosave now works for all game modes, and you can save games under your name - nobody will spoil your pleasure. Just download this new game edition and have fun! Our addictive game collection - Bubble Golden Pack is upgraded to next release.

Among the new features: three playing modes, Strategy, Arcade and Sniper; graphics improvements; Demo mode. You'd better get this new version and look for yourself. Bubble Shooter version 4 released! New game mode for lovers of quick action is added, as well as other nifty features, such as game replay.

Download and enjoy!

The history of Bubble Shooter

Big update on out site. A new section is started with games for new platform - Linux OS. We start with Bubble Shooter and you can find them at our new game site LinuxBag. Shortly, this bag will be full of great games for Linux. Bubble series for Windows PC continues - with the release of Bubble Golden Pack, combining all the games into one package for less downloads and lower price. A new, long awaited version of Bubble Shooter has been released. Greatly improved performance and graphics are the main changes. If you ever had any problems with the game, try this version. If you have not, do not miss it either.

Registered users of two PPC games can get it free. Registered users of Pack get it free! A personal greeting can be ordered separately. Download your trial copy and have fun!

click New month - new game. Bubble Golden Pack is out! It combines the three games of our popular Bubbles series into one. Better registration procedure, as well as some improvements to graphics and performance. Bubble Shooter GraySkin for grayscale Palm devices is released. Please download it from the site. We start offering games for Palm handhelds - the first one released today is Bubble Shooter.

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