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Just more convenient.

When Microsoft does includes more software than the users want, it's called bloatware. I'd say the same for Mac xD.

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It's cool, but not good for power-users! It might not come with it standard, but if you download the developer package it is.

The dev. How long have you used a mac Matt? I only use the ones at my school for small things, and when I have to fix things on them for my friends that use them.

Jazz Up Your “ZSH” Terminal In Seven Steps — A Visual Guide

Thank you for another helpful null-byte post, though this is an old article. I now love zsh. This is my new daily must read site. Also, please stop timing out and redirecting to www. Reasons to change: If you want to test out Zshell before you fully devote yourself to it type in a console emulator For Ubuntu and Ubuntu based distros sudo apt-get install zsh For Arch based distros sudo pacman zsh Tips If you would like to test out the shell go to a console emulator and type in zsh It should give you a basic shell look and now you can play with it all you want Skip the.

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First off we are going to change the login shell so open a console emulator and type in: Could you tell me why YOU made the change? What was your reason to switch over?

Upgrade zsh with brew

David Illig David Illig. Apple Pay Speciality level out of ten: Latest MB Pro, latest updates.

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I have run the program from this Mac, but not for some time. I just tried to run it from the X11 shell, and here's the result: No such file or directory Abort trap Huh? I threw away org.

Zsh Shell doesnt work

I also tried to change the default shell to tcsh as follows: Password for dave: More Less. Helpful answers Drop Down menu.

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  8. BobHarris BobHarris. Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: It has nothing to do with X11, but everything to do with your original xephem installation.

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    If you re-install xephem, that would most likely the best approach. Change Login Shell: Unless you have messed with the Terminal prefs, you should now use tcsh as your shell. Message was edited by: View answer in context.