Force eject cd on mac os x

Enter "drutil list" into the Terminal and press Return if the disc does not eject. The command displays a list of your Mac's optical drives. It will also display something similar to "Apple Shipping" in the Support Level column. If you have multiple optical drives installed, identify the number displayed on the left side of the entry describing the drive.

Type "drutil tray eject number " and press Return. For example, if you identified the number of the drive as "2", type "drutil tray eject 2. Jason Artman has been a technical writer since entering the field in while attending Michigan State University. Artman has published numerous articles for various websites, covering a diverse array of computer-related topics including hardware, software, games and gadgets.

First, try dragging the disc from the desktop to the trashcan in the Dock. You can also try locating the disc in the Finder sidebar and clicking the eject icon that appears next to it. Just open the application of your choice and locate the eject command. Find your disc in the left sidebar and click the eject button up top, or right-click on the disc and select the eject command. For the really stuck disc, there are some Terminal commands you can use to force eject it. Restart your Mac while holding down the mouse or trackpad button. This has always been my last resort and has never failed to work for me.

Eject a Stuck Disk from your Mac DVD Super Drive

When you get your selection of bootable volumes, let go of the Option key and press the eject button. This should pop the disc right out, too. Turn it back on, but let it sit idle for ten minutes or so. Hopefully the disc will pop out on its own. No amount of force eject tips is going to get that thing out of there. Tip: Older Macs have a little hole that you can stick a paperclip in to eject the disc. If you're trying to get a disc out of a dusty iMac in the attic, this may work for you. Do you have any other force eject tips? Thank you so much for this. The first suggestion worked like a dream.

I shall be bookmarking this page in case it happens again. I inserted a mini disk by accident in the disk drive and it is stuck.

What if a disk won’t eject?

All the options above did not work because the disk probably went on a side and it is stuck. Any ideas? Thank you for any help. Do not try to put credit cards and knives and anything else into the drive!!! The business card was a great idea. Took a few tries with terminal, but finally worked. No more DVDs for this Mac. The last option while using the terminal worked for me after hours of trying and trying and trying everything I could find on the internet. BTW u need to stick the credit card all the way in for it to work.. The terminal solution worked like a charm and I had the benefit of making me feel like a real Geek.

You saved me forcing a teaser in there to force it out or using thin plastic with sticky tape on it — because your first suggestion worked. Thanks so much, my disc has been stuck a few days now. I tried the thin cardboard a bookmark actually and it worked, when nothing else did. I stopped the disc from spinning, did a force shut down. Thanks again and Bless the Lord Jesus Christ. I really got panicked as i loaded a disk with a plastic cd cover…I did the card and use eyebrows pliers to help out it seems to have worked.

Thank you……. I understand that if the CD is stuck you have to get it out somehow, but yikes! Next time, if possible, try this:.

Eject a Stuck Disk from your Mac DVD Super Drive

If 4 fails try the eject key. Or, if that fails, eject from disk utility under the utilities menu.

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I know this is a post from a while, but are you still bumhurt? The credit card worked for me today like a charm. Cheers mate! I have successfully gotten a jammed CD out of an MBP before by using a credit card and a plastic knife. Does not work. Tried the above and a few others on forums for Ctrl S, E and holidng keyboar.

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MAC OS X Fix - How to eject stuck cd or DVD

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Mac os force eject cd

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