Is mac retina display better for your eyes

The rest of the specs like CPU, memory and storage really all come down to your use case. The other big differences here are the CPUs used inside each laptop.

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The inch MacBook uses Intel Core m3, m5, or m7 processors. These are kind of like the Intel Celeron processors back in the day.

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The MacBook Airs move up to dual-core i5 and i7 processors. Finally, the retina MacBooks Pros move up to quad-core i7 processors on the 15 inch. Finally, the last major difference between the laptops is the graphics card. So if you want a discrete graphics card, you only have one option.

If you work with CAD applications, video editing, etc.

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On the retina MacBook Pros, you can connect up to three external monitors. On the inch with the R9 MX graphics card, you can actually output to a single 5K monitor at 60Hz. Here are the full specs for each laptop:. For example, the inch MacBook comes with a p FaceTime camera, which is just bad, but not the end of the world.

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Battery life on all the machines is pretty good for a laptop and not something you really have to worry about. Founder of Online Tech Tips and managing editor. He began blogging in and quit his job in to blog full-time. He has over 15 years of industry experience in IT and holds several technical certifications. Read Aseem's Full Bio. We hate spam too, unsubscribe at any time. Everyone knows the resolution is great for video and photo editing as well as games, but what about editing documents and spreadsheets?

Is there a benefit, or do the extra pixels cause problems? Rumors that high-resolution displays might cause health problems have been bouncing around the Internet for some time now.


The issue really gained traction in with the release of the MacBook Pro with Retina. Several new posts complaining of similar issues appeared each month from June until the end of the year. Several news outlets picked up the story. Sounds damning, right? On closer look, though, these accusations seem thin and sensational.

iPhone X May Cause Serious Eye Strain

Apple is no longer alone in the pixel density game, yet I had a hard time finding similar complaints about 4K monitors or high-resolution Android devices. Increased sharpness may, in fact, be better for your health. Gary Heiting, optometrist and senior editor of the website AllAboutVision , made that clear.

Retina vs. non-Retina Macs: What's the difference?

Only a few doctors have tried to place a hard figure on the maximum pixel density the human eye can discern. Bryan W. Jones, a retinal neuroscientist at the University of Utah, conducted one such analysis. If the same person were to instead view a display from 24 inches a more typical distance for desktop use the maximum discernible density drops to just below PPI. What really causes eyestrain has little to do with cutting-edge technology. Display brightness is one prominent factor.

Is the retina display really worth it? : apple

Sitting at an appropriate distance is also important. The U. This is where a tenuous relation to resolution can be made. Owners need to fight that instinct and rely instead on the scaling features built into operating systems and Web browsers. While 4K has no inherit health complications, users may have more trouble adjusting to it with some monitors than others. Each pixel will be larger, that means less scaling is required to make text readable. The difference is noticeable. Many consumers report health issues from retina display and other high-resolution screens.

Some complain that within hours, days or weeks of upgrading to a retina display or similar device, they get unprecedented headaches, eye fatigue, blurred vision, and even nausea. Apple support pages and blogs are rife with advice for counteracting these symptoms to allow consumers to enjoy the many benefits of retina display and other top-of-the-line displays.

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