Mac os x lion or windows 8

To switch from one to the other, if you're starting from OS X, go to the Apple menu and choose Restart. From Windows 8, either swipe in from the right or move your mouse to the upper right-hand corner, tap or click the Settings icon, choose Power and then Restart. Hold down the Option or Alt key till you get the screen from which you can choose your operating system. Although installing Windows 8 on my Mac Mini running OS X Mountain Lion wasn't quite as quick and easy as the official instructions made it appear it would be, it was still not difficult to do. And I suspect most people will not run into the stumbling blocks that I did, because statistics say that the vast majority of Mac owners have portable computers, where the USB port issue won't be a problem.

One really great thing about this dual-boot setup is that the files from each operating system are fully available to the other one, either from the Finder in OS X or File Explorer in Windows 8.

No more schlepping files across the network or via sneakernet! I now have a Windows 8 computer that is fast, has a reasonable sized screen and that can open up anything in the Windows Store I might desire. I'm definitely going to spend time browsing all the apps, now that I can get them, and checking our great tutorials to find out how to personalize Windows 8.

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So how do these two new operating systems' stack up? I'll take a look in some key areas. If there are important contrasts you'd like to point out, please do so in the comments; this list is by no means exhaustive! The Windows Store isn't as rich in browsing options as Mac App Store, since you have to page through the categories. The Windows Store is estimated to launch with about a thousand apps, and there are millions of legacy Windows apps that will still run on Intel-based Windows 8 machines.

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Deathmatch: Windows 8 vs. OS X Mountain Lion

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Running Windows 8 on your Mac | Macworld

Window 8's large, touchable "live tiles" give quick access to and display info from your apps. Swiping gestures actually do a better job of letting you do everything using your thumbs than iOS does—which makes sense, since you mostly hold a tablet from both sides. The legacy "desktop interface," looks a lot like Windows 7, though gone is the eye candy of the latter's translucent Aero Glass effects.

Also gone is the Start button, replaced by the tiled Start page. With a couple of important exceptions, most of Mountain Lion's inherited traits from iOS arrived with Lion or before. These include the App Store and Launchpad, which duplicates iOS's app icons, even letting you group them just as you would on an iPhone. Unfortunately, most of the Mac users I talk to never use Launchpad, preferring the traditional dock icons.

Install Windows 8 in a Virtual Machine on Your Mac in Just 4 Simple Steps [How-To]

It's pretty cool to be able to simulate an SMS text chat with one person on an iPhone and the other at her Mac desktop. Another gift from iOS is Notification Center, which acts just like the mobile OS's notifications, which you see when you swipe down from the top of the screen. In Mountain Lion, you can swipe in from the left on a touchpad, and it shows an entry for each new email, message, software update, or calendar alert. With Mountain Lion, iCloud becomes more important for Apple's desktop operating system.


When you sign into your Apple account on a Mountain Lion Mac, all your mail settings, contacts, Safari bookmarks, messages, iTunes backups and other features will be synced via iCloud. And when you launch the App Store, all the apps you purchased earlier through the App Store are available for downloading and installation. Microsoft makes SkyDrive simply available to any app developer, and many Windows 8 apps already take advantage of this.

Like iCloud, SkyDrive can sync all your devices' settings; in fact, Microsoft likes referring to SkyDrive as a "device cloud. Just as with iCloud, SkyDrive remembers which apps you've purchased and lets you download and install them on another machine you sign in to your Microsoft Account.

A big difference between SkyDrive and iCloud is that it offers Web access to any files you've stored on it. But SkyDrive becomes more than just a service for Microsoft products: Any Windows 8 third-party apps can make use of it as well, storing files to the cloud and retrieving them back. Another cool capability of SkyDrive is Fetch, which lets you grab a file from a PC running the SkyDrive software even if the desired file hasn't been uploaded to the online storage. Apple's mobile OS showed the value to a platform maker of offering an app store: The store owner can control which apps are offered, and more importantly, collect a premium from the software maker.

But the user gets something out of this setup, too: You can install purchased apps on any of your other Macs, and updates are handled uniformly, with notifications when they're available. The reason why this option is hidden is if you cut and then something happens, and the file is not pasted, the design paradigm is that you should not lose the file.

However, you can easily accomplish it. Just select the file followed by the Copy command, then navigate to the new place you would like the file to go. Or else just use the keyboard shortcut of option-command-V if you prefer using keyboard entirely. Only at the time of executing the Move command will be original file disappear to the new location. Simple easy. You actually are asking the wrong question, in a way. And unfortunately, that IS what sells.

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One reason why Apple does not use focus groups and which Microsoft, as I understand, does is because focus groups would probably like the clutter and impression of sophistication. Users are not always smart in knowing what is best for them, especially when they are not trained in good design where form, function and aesthetics are put hand-in-hand. People do not always know what is better for themselves and they will keep choosing the wrong thing in many cases. How wrong they are, and now I am so glad Apple is succeeding. So yeah all your BS are invalid.

The ribbon in explorer expose commands circa… can you explain how the finder can do the same with its minimalistic style?