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With your serial program open PuTTY, screen, picocom, etc you may see a blank screen with a flashing cursor. Press Enter and you should be presented with a MicroPython prompt, i. They are there to indicate that you should type the text after it at the prompt. In the end, once you have entered the text print "hello pyboard! If something goes wrong, you can reset the board in two ways. You will see a message something like. This will end your session, disconnecting whatever program PuTTY, screen, etc that you used to connect to the pyboard.

MicroPython 1. Introduction to the pyboard 2. Running your first script 3. Windows 3. Mac OS X 3.

Linux 3. Using the REPL prompt 3.

Forgot your Mac Password? Reset it Without Losing Data nor Install Disc (OS X 10.5 and older)

Resetting the board 4. Turning on LEDs and basic Python concepts 5. The Switch, callbacks and interrupts 6. Thank you. I use this with an unbranded PLequipped adapter bought from eBay for six of our English pounds, compared to thirty-odd for a Keyspan device, and it talks perfectly to my Cisco routers. See what I did there? Heh - oh dear.

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Kermit - I haven't used that for at least a decade, but I seem to remember that it was very good Anyway, that aside, for those who like minicom, Jeffrey Frey has done a Mac port which can be found at the bottome of his page here:. KeySerial1 Adjust the script accordingly and it works perfectly!

I am currently taking 2 classes that use HyperTerminal, a Cisco test prep class and a basic Telecommunications classes. And of course no Mac except for Xserves have a serial port.

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If you fail to do this and exit a Terminal session, you'll leave the screen session alive and the serial resource unavailable until you kill the screen session manually. Now how can I kill the screen session manually?

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I wish I knew Unix better. You can also reattach to a detached screen by running " screen -rD ". I used zterm initially and found it horrible too. This is a fantastic thread. Saved me from using Zterm. One problem though. I'd like to be able to scroll up past the top to show more than one page of data. Anyone figure out a way to do that?

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Lost your password? Powered by the Parse. I often have to do router configuration via a console port, so I use a Keyspan Serial Adapter to get access. It hasn't been updated in five years or so, and isn't a Universal Binary. The developer doesn't seem in any hurry to rectify the situation. It is not worth the shareware fee in its current form. Minicom requires installation of Fink or MacPorts and is overly complex.

Solution: Use screen , Terminal, and a little AppleScripting. KeySerial1" set number of rows of window 1 to set number of columns of window 1 to 80 set background color of window 1 to "black" set normal text color of window 1 to "green" set custom title of window 1 to "SerialOut" end tell Compile and save as an app from within Script Editor, and you have a double-clickable application to launch a serial Terminal session.

You may want to customize this slightly -- you can change the screen colors or number of columns or rows.

If anyone can reply with a link to a tutorial on how to wrap an interactive Unix App in Cocoa, that would be the next step -- it would be nice to do this without involving Terminal. If you prefer to use Minicom, you could still use the AppleScript to wrap it into a nice launchable app -- use this older hint to find the right command line commands. Use 'screen' as a serial terminal emulator 29 comments Create New Account. The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.

This site is not responsible for what they say. Use 'screen' as a serial terminal emulator Authored by: adrianm on Nov 14, '06 AM.

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Use 'screen' as a serial terminal emulator Authored by: isometry on Nov 14, '06 PM. I use the following keyspan. Use 'screen' as a serial terminal emulator Authored by: jcbeckman on Nov 14, '06 AM. Or just use QuickTerm [ Reply to This ]. Working with QuickTerm? No need to shell out for Keyspan's admittedly very good drivers. Prolific's own Mac OS X driver is currently not very good; you can't send a break signal via screen in Terminal, for example. However, there's an open-source driver that works better. Use 'screen' as a serial terminal emulator Authored by: wallybear on Nov 14, '06 AM.

You can also use C-Kermit 8. Unfortunately a binary is not available, we must compile it by ourselves, but it's really easy, as Mac OS X is supported. It's ready! Use 'screen' as a serial terminal emulator Authored by: xcgr on Nov 15, '06 PM.

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I last used C-Kermit when Jaguar was out.